Saturday, August 9, 2014

Non-fiction Anthology Calls

The pickings have been pretty scarce on the market front the past couple of days.  I ran across this call over at Writing Career this morning.  The editor is looking for humorous essays in the form of letters to both teenage sons and daughters as they are about to leave the nest.  This is for two separate anthologies.  1000 to 2500 words with a deadline of September 1.  Payment is $100 paid 90 days after publication (in 2015).  One drawback here is that she wants the rights for five years.  You can find the details here.


Dusty said...

I'm not sure I can wait until 21015 for payment. I'll probably be dead before we hit 20000 even.

sandra seamans said...

My fingers always get ahead of my brain on the keyboard. Thanks for catching that, Dusty. And yeah, neither of us would be here in 21015 :)