Monday, December 30, 2013

Year End Round Up - The Good News

And while it's always disappointing when markets close or fail to open, we've had some new markets open up.  I'd also like to say that it's good to see markets that opened last year still up and running.  ThugLit and The Big Click publish bi-monthly and always on time.

And the new markets that opened their doors and seem to being going strong are:

Plan B - A paying market straight mysteries.
The Midnight Diner - A Christian Horror market that accepts crime fiction
Third Flatiron Publishing - Quarterly anthologies with themes that include crime fiction.
Thrills, Kills, and Chaos - This new flash zine stepped in when Thrillers, Killers, and Chillers closed their doors.
Noir Riot - This is a new print magazine published by Out of the Gutter books.  This is not a regular market as they only publish every other year to coincide with Noir Con.
Akashic Books - Known for their Noir Series of anthologies they now publish flash fiction three days a week on their website.  While it's non-paying, it's a good way for the publisher to get to know your work.
Blank Fiction - They bill themselves as a literary zine but they are currently putting together a noir issue.  This is a quarterly market with themes and open to all genres.
Fiction Vale - A new quarterly that has one issue under their belts and others filled and on the way.  They're also open to all genres.

Pulp Modern has changed it's format to themed issues and will publish quarterly.  And All Due Respect has switched from an online format to both print and e-book quarterly.

You'll find links to most of these markets over there on the right and many more markets that are open to crime fiction as well.  Happy writing in the New Year!


lizzayn said...


I really appreciate you going through all the trouble to post so often. It's been a great help to me as a writer. I've mentioned your blog on the Trigger Street Labs forums (though it is mainly a peer review site for screenplays, they also have a small but active short story section as well)to spread the word among other writers. Though I've been following your blog for a couple of months, this is the first time I've commented. Well done and thanks!

sandra seamans said...

Welcome to the Corner, Lizzayn!! I'm happy you find the blog useful and thanks for spreading the word :)

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks for doing this, Sandra. I have come to you more than once for ideas for outlets.

sandra seamans said...

Glad to be of help, Patti. The truth is when I started blogging I never expected to have so many wonderful people stop by with encouraging words.