Saturday, October 20, 2012

Who'd Have Thought?

As a crime writer are you tired of the same old stories?  Well, now you can put a new spin on your counterfeiting story with this  Of course, a month or so ago there was a large shipment of maple syrup stolen, and I was surprised to see a follow up story that the repackaged syrup was tracked down by Canadian police officials.  I can hear it now.

"What case are you working  on?" 

"The maple syrup theft ring."

"That's a sticky case."


"The ketchup counterfeiting ring."

"Have you checked out the Hamburgler?"

Is food going to be the next big thing in crime fiction?  Nah...not sexy enough :)


Al Tucher said...

I dunno. Diana could probably think up interesting things to do with maple syrup.

sandra seamans said...

Without a doubt, Al!