Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scarlett River Press - Submission Calls

Scarlett River Press is an epublisher based in Canada.  They have three anthology calls listed.  Payment is a shared split of 50% of the royalties.  The calls are
Rigorous Mortis:  A Mortician's Tales - deadline is July 31.
Tortured Souls - September 30
Blood and Roses - October 31
You can find all the details here

UPDATE 2/11/13 :  I've been getting a lot of hits on this post lately and checking the link found that Scarlett River Press seems to have gone off the grid.

UPDATE 2/12/13:  More info here 

UPDATE : 6/18/13  I been getting more hits for this site and found that they've disappeared once again.  Their Twitter account is still active if you have questions.

UPDATE:  7/9/13  Duotrope has listed them as permanently closed.

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