Thursday, May 16, 2019

Angie's Desk - Anthology Calls

Angie has posted her May listing of paying anthology calls.  Thanks, Angie!


Manuel Royal said...

Thanks, Sandra! Somehow I always forget to check Angie's list until you remind me.

Unknown said...

Just to let you all know sandra passed away at home last Thursday

Al Tucher said...

I’m so sorry to hear. The whole writing community will miss her.

I suggest that anyone who has an anecdote about Sandra share it here. I will start simply by saying that ninety percent of my successes in short fiction started with Sandra.

Michael Bracken said...

This appears to be her obituary:

Manuel Royal said...

I don't know how many sales I've made thanks to Sandra's blog. She always had something interesting to say, and was always friendly and considerate to her fellow writers. I just wish now I'd corresponded with her more. I will miss her, and I know many others will, too.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

How awful!! I didn't know but wondered if something was wrong when she didn't post again. She will be sorely missed.

Chris Chan said...

My condolences to all of Sandra's family.

Jim Wilsky said...

Sandra was the most giving person I've ever known in the writing community. She was always helpful and caring but there was something else. I think she felt a deep need to protect us. To champion her fellow writers and to be our ally. Ultimately, I believe she just wanted to help us to succeed. Sandra was unselfish to the highest degree and steady as a rock. I can't say how many times she helped me but its a very high number. She was very special. She'll be greatly missed.

Sati Chock said...

I'm crushed.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Sandra in person, but I first entered her corner of the world years ago when I joined her Yahoo flash prompt group. After that, I started following this blog. For years My Little Corner was the very first thing I looked for when I had a few minutes to kill. (I think Sandra would have approved of that description, given her predilection for crime fiction and wry sense of humor.)

Sandra's generosity and dedication to helping other writers were unparalleled. I can only imagine the time it must have taken to gather, research, and share the publication opportunities that she felt worth passing on. And, like many others, I found some of my first markets on this blog. I also shared her blog with countless other writers over the years, because it was one of the best sites on the internet.

For the past year I've been busy with nonfiction. Even so, I've kept Sandra's blog link bookmarked where I could glance at it and dream about the day when I had time to focus on submitting to her many markets again. Although I never knew her in person, Sandra was always in my thoughts, since her blog and her personality were, in my mind, completely intertwined. This blog was a constant, something I came to rely upon always being here. Somehow it never occurred to me that it wouldn't be.

That she wouldn't be.

Sandra leaves behind a huge void, and will be terribly missed, by so many.

Come along with me
To my little corner of the world
Dream a little dream
In my little corner of the world

You'll soon forget
That there's any other place
Tonight, my love
We'll share a sweet embrace
And if you care to stay
In my little corner of the world

We'll ride away
In my little corner of the world
I always knew that I'd find someone like you
So hop o'er to my little corner of the world.

"My little corner of the world"
Yo La Tengo/Songwriters: Julien Pockriss Lee / Bob Hilliard
lyrics © Emily Music Corp

Shelley Kubitz Mahannah said...

I told so many friends about this blog. What a loss. My condolences to her family.

Leroy B. Vaughn said...

I never had the pleasure of meeting Sandra, although I read her blog daily.
I wrote her several notes and she always replied. I was able to publish several stories because of the information she posted.
My prayers are with her family. Rest in peace Sandra.

Susan D said...

Just heard. So long, Sandra, and thank you for all those links.

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