Monday, February 11, 2013

Scarlett River Press - Gone?

Scarlett River Press seems to have gone off the grid for whatever reason.  I really hate when a press or zine shuts down and doesn't leave behind any reasons or messages for those who have submitted to them.  It's a simple courtesy for those who have supported your efforts.

UPDATE:  2/14/13  They have an up to date Twitter account here with a link to a facebook page if you're looking for more information.

UPDATE: 2/16/13  Their website is back up!

UPDATE:  6/18/13  Their website seems to have disappeared again but their Twitter is still current if you have questions.

UPDATE: 7/9/13  The anthology Rigorous Mortis:  A Mortician's Tale is up and for sale on Amazon. 
Just a note for writers with stories in this anthology, in case you haven't been notified.

UPDATE:  7/9/13  Allen Jacoby is also one of the publisher/editors here.  I found his blog and you'll find an email address there if you want to contact him.

UPDATE:  7/9/13  Duotrope has declared Scarlett River Press dead.

UPDATE:  7/10/13  I received this email from Jo-Ann  Russell.

 Greetings Sandra, how are you?
I have read your blog and the comments, and I completely understand where everyone is coming from. SRP fully intends to keep all commitments. I had intended to have the press change hands, however that did not go as planned. Rather than let the press die I have chosen to stay on board and carry on. During this process, I have lost most of my editors and therefore I am trying to secure new ones in the hopes of getting up to date with all the works past due. The website is currently down but will be back up soon.

I have been in similar positions like my writers from time to time, and I know how awful the feeling is.
Be well.

Jo-Anne Russell 

UPDATE:  July 18, 2013  Well, the site is back up but it seems to be in Latin.


K R Smith said...

I e-mailed Jo-Anne Russell (who helps run Scarlett River Press) about this last month. I did - finally - get a reply, so there is hope they will be back up.

Jo-Anne Russell
Feb 4 (7 days ago)

Greetings. SRP website is down for a few weeks as there were some problems with the server. It will be back up again very soon. Thank you for writing us.


sandra seamans said...

Thanks for the update, KR, and welcome to the Corner!

K R Smith said...

Yeah, I noticed they were down again, too. Says the site has been "suspended." Not sure these folks are worth the effort.

sandra seamans said...

It certainly makes you wonder. If they can't keep their website up how are they going to publish your book.

Chris N said...

Something is going on with Scarlett River Press, because not only has that problem with the site been ongoing, but Jo-Anne Russell is now overseeing an anthology for another indie press:

I am one of the writers who submitted and had a story accepted for one of Scarlett River's announced anthologies, and I haven't heard from them about it since forever, so I'm one of those curious people who would like to know the full story, and whether or not these anthologies will ever see the light of day.

sandra seamans said...

This just keeps getting worse and worse. Thanks for dropping by Chris and giving us a head's up.

I've left a message for Ms Russell on her website hopefully she's return an answer.