Sunday, March 11, 2018

Blink-ink - Open for Submissions

For you crime fiction writers who enjoy a challenge you might want to give Blink-ink a try.  For their issue #32 the theme is "Curbside" and sounds ideal for a piece of noir or crime fiction.  The challenge?  You have to write the story in 50 words.  The deadline is April 15 and payment is one copy.  You can find the details of the call here, then click on their submission guidelines for the rest.


Manuel Royal said...

Challenged accepted -- sounds like fun. Super-short stories can be a good exercise. (And sometimes, if you're gifted like Fredric Brown, a good story.)

Manuel Royal said...

Hm. Doesn't say if they want *exactly* 50 words, or if that's a maximum. I'll assume 50 means 50.

sandra seamans said...

I love flash fiction, Manuel. I used to write a lot of 55ers but there's not many markets for such short stories. Good luck with your submission!