Sunday, March 26, 2017

The TalkSpace Story Cupboard

I've been seeing commercials for TalkSpace on TV and wondering if anyone would really pay $35 a week to talk to an unknown psychiatrist on their phone.  For one thing - how on earth do you know for sure that the person is a real doctor?  Then you begin to wonder - what if the government can actually hear these conversations and is doctor/patient confidentiality even possible.  Imagine admitting that you're a serial killer or on the verge of killing someone.  And if you think even farther what about a service that provides a priest for confessions - you have all the same concerns.  If you care to step into the spec-fiction arena with this one how about a group of aliens listening in to observe the mental state of Earthlings.  What an earful they'd get.  Sanity or insanity?  You story is just a phone call away from your imagination.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you right. I used Talkspace. I had a very bad experience. I got a Social Worker who only wanted to do Social Work. Please use something else. And yes, everything you say can an will be held against you on Talkspace. Do not trust it!