Thursday, March 2, 2017

New Crime Magazine Coming Soon

Back in February Michael Bracken sent me a link to this comment over on the SleuthSayers blog

"Rick Ollerman said...
I hope the short story form isn't too dead--this summer we're launching a new digest-sized magazine called DOWN & OUT: The Magazine. The first issue features a new Moe Prager story by Reed Farrel Coleman and the second a new Sheriff Dan Rhodes story by Bill Crider (I very much hope). I'm (Rick Ollerman) editing the thing and we should have a press release and a website out and up by the end of the month.

Good news for our community, I hope..."

I've been doing searches and there's finally a page up for the new magazine.  Sadly, there's no submission guidelines yet but it's a start and something to keep your eye on.

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Blackdragon said...

That's great news!