Sunday, August 9, 2015

The WW II Plane Crash Story Cupboard

You just never know what is going to spark your imagination.  Tonight I read an article about the wreck of a US WW II fighter plane being unearthed in Germany.  The site had been marked with a monument so it wasn't like nobody knew the plane went down which makes waiting all these year to exhume both the plane and the body of the French pilot intriguing.

But then the wheels started turning.  A French pilot in a US plane?  It's always possible but what if that wasn't who was supposed to be flying?  What happened to the American pilot?  Did he run away?  Was he killed for the plane?  So now you have a mystery.

But what if the pilot's ghost is pissed off for being left buried in enemy ground.  Does he unleash his anger on the Germans who unearthed him?  When he died they were the enemy.  So now you have a ghost story.

But what if there was no pilot in the plane?  A young boy saw the crash happen, there were no parachutes.  Could the pilot have been time lifted out of the plane?  Does he come back to the site?  Is he the one who dug it up?  Or what if he was pulled out of the plane by an underground civilization?  Does digging up the plane open up a doorway into this other world?  Now you've got sci-fi and fantasy.

And that's your story cupboard.  A few simple what if questions added to a simple news article.  Your imagination can take you anywhere if you let it.

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