Sunday, August 2, 2015

Crossed Genres Magazine - Open for Submissions

Crossed Genres Magazine is open for submissions until August 31 with this month's theme being "Pronouns and Genders".  Stories should be 1000 to 6000 words, payment is 6cents a word.  You can find the details here.  They also have a list of themes that will take them into 2016 if you want a head start on your stories.


Manuel Royal said...

Thanks for the link, Sandra.

It's certainly an interesting subject (this from the site): "the many and varied human genders" and "the ways in which pronouns are used to acknowledge, accept, oppress, and deny gender."

Gender is a fluid concept, and conversational English has just never had adequate pronouns to deal with non-binary or ambiguous genders. (Though the convention to use a plural pronoun when referring to a singular person of indeterminate gender usually works.) Over the years, there've been attempts to introduce new, gender-neutral pronouns, but they just haven't caught on.

sandra seamans said...

Yeah, pronouns can be tricky. I once wrote a short story without using pronouns to describe the one character. I wanted to keep the other character guessing as to the sex of that character. Fun to write but difficult at the same time.