Thursday, March 6, 2014

Martinus Publishing - Anthology Calls

Martinus Publishing has four anthology calls posted, all of them looking for short stories of 1500 words and up.  Payment is 2% royalties (I'm not sure if this is per author or to be divided among all the contributors so it's something you'll have to query).  The submission period ends when the call is filled.  The themes are zombies with a sci-fi twist, aging superheroes, afterlife, and space pirates.  A little something for everyone.  You can check it out here.


Dusty said...

I've got a contract from them for Altered America. Here's the section on royalties.

MP is acquiring First Print and First Electronic publishing rights. As payment, CONTRIBUTOR will receive a 2% royalty on net sales of ANTHOLOGY, paid twice annually via paypal. CONTRIBUTOR will provide MP with a valid paypal email address for such remuneration. Certain merchant accounts and international accounts may incur a nominal fee from paypal to accept payments. CONTRIBUTOR will be responsible for any such fees paypal sees fit to levy against said payments.

sandra seamans said...

That's good, Dusty. Usually it's a split with other authors and I thought 2% was rather low. Congrats on the acceptance!!