Friday, March 7, 2014

Horrified Press

Over on Duotrope they've posted up anthology submission calls for Horrified Press, and yes, there are a great many of them but before you decide to submit you should check out the posts on the Absolute Write site where they discussed payments with the publisher last Spring.  While they say they pay royalties, the reality seems to be that they are an exposure only publisher.


Dusty said...

One reason there's so many open calls is because one of the editor's from Static Movement took all of her anthologies to Horrified Press. It was a schism of sorts. The printing queue at Static was long and moving slow. Apparently Horrified is moving along much quicker. Since the anthos I'm featured in haven't come out, I can't attest to the Royalties situation. We'll find out I suppose. But originally they were with Static Movement and were definitely exposure only.

sandra seamans said...

Thanks for the information, Dusty. The first few calls for Horrified Press were exposure only, also. One of the reasons I haven't mentioned them very often.

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind me responding to this post but I saw it and thought I'd set the record straight. We've paid close to 100 authors, artists, editors and contributors to Horrified Press projects since we began trading - late 2012. The amounts have been anything from $2 - $60 per payment, depending on the project and the contributor's involvement. Royalties are also collected and paid to authors ongoing, for as long as the project they are in remains in print (we have already paid certain contributors more than once). We also have calls open for charity anthos where all profits received will be donated directly to our 2014 specified charities (The Autism Trust & Greenpeace). Just thought you should know.

All the best

Nathan J.D.L. Rowark
Horrified Press

sandra seamans said...

Welcome to the Corner, Mr. Rowark, editor's comments are always welcome. Thanks for the additional information.

David Harrington said...

Perhaps some kind of Kickstarter program would be good to raise enough money to pay contributors or at least help pay for print copies of the magazines and anthologies in which their work is featured.