Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Well, this isn't good news.   Bryan Thomas Schmidt has resigned as editor of Blue Shift, one of the many magazines published by White Cat Publications.


Peter DiChellis said...

Yeah, it looks like that whole group was hit with some rough problems.

The Facebook page for Nightfall (their horror pub) also shows an editor's resignation. Dark Intent (mystery) did not publish, as scheduled, in June.

The White Cat Publications Facebook page shows a statement from the publisher/owner, who is attempting to put things back together for Spring 2014. And also shows, in the 'Notes' section, another editor resignation.

Tough, tough business.

sandra seamans said...

Yes, he started out with good intentions and one zine called White Cat then he tried to expand to fast before he got his footing. It happens.

Court Merrigan said...

Yeah, the editor of Conjurings, the SF mag arm of White Cat, is gone too. Bart something. Oh, and they owe me money AND my contributor's copy. Which supposedly is coming but I ain't holding my breath.

sandra seamans said...

Yes, I know how that goes, Court. I was so hoping he'd make a go of this because it was a paying market and we have very few of them for crime markets.

Even if he does get his act together, he'll have a hard time finding writers who will trust him with their work after this.