Monday, November 19, 2012

Market Update

I've been slowly working through the links over there on the right, deleting dead sites and posting new ones.  With ezines there always seems to be a balancing effect.  One closes - a new one opens, the life of zines.  Sad to say at this point, but I believe that Comets & Criminals seems to have bit the dust.  Submissions closed back in the Spring and there's been no new content since July on their website.  Their Twitter and Facebook sites have also gone silent.

If I had one wish in regards to zines closing it would be that the people in charge would step up and post a statement that they're closing.  Instead, we get sites disappearing or just nothing.  At least C&C posted that they're closed to submissions, some sites don't even do that.


G. B. Miller said...

Definitely agree with that sentiment. There's a publisher who for the last five years I used to enter my longer short stories (14k-18k) with and the last time I decided to go to his website, it hadn't been updated since October '11. Even wrote him a nice letter to find out what the story was, but so far, haven't heard back from him yet.

sandra seamans said...

Yes, it's very frustrating not knowing what's going on with a zine, G. Usually if they've not updated in over six months I don't bother to submit. A year, and I consider them a dead market.