Saturday, February 20, 2016

Strange California - Anthology Call

Strange California is looking for short stories of 1000 to 6,000 words that explore the myths and weirdness of California both past and present.  You are welcome to mix and match the genres to suit your story.  Submissions are through Submittable and open on March 1.  Payment will be 6cents a word and will be funded through Kickstarter.  The publisher will be Falstaff Books.  You can find the details here.  Be sure to read through the entire guidelines as there is a great deal of information. 


Jerry Enni said...

Hi Sandra,

Everything I've seen about this anthology says they're looking for a maximum word-count of 6,000 words. Do you know where you got 15,000 words from? I'd love it if that were the case. All my short stories are running long these days.



sandra seamans said...

Not sure where I got it, Jerry. I would have sworn it was in the guidelines but it's not there now. Either I got it wrong or they changed them. Sorry about that.

Jerry Enni said...

No problem. Might be they changed it. Good luck if you submit.