Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Coconuts and Crime Stories

You just never know where you'll find tidbits of information that you can incorporate into a story.  My son left a copy of his Sam's Club magazine "Healthy Living" here yesterday and I found myself thumbing through it.  In their Superfood Spotlight was an article about coconuts.  "Did you know that coconut water's electrolyte composition is almost identical to human blood plasma and was used during WWII as an IV drip?"

If you're anything like me your first thought was using this to help a person you couldn't risk taking to the hospital.  At wikipedia I discovered that in India they use coconut water to euthanize the elderly.  So, of course you have a new murder weapon.  It seems that coconut water is full of potassium and an overdose can induce acute kidney failure.

Yes, I know the magazine was "Healthy Living" but who can resist such intriguing ideas for their stories?  How about you?  Any tidbits you found that wound up in one of your stories?


Leroy Vaughn said...

"Coconuts and Crime Stories," Sounds like a cool title for an e-zine.

sandra seamans said...

It would certainly be different. :)