Thursday, March 5, 2015

Caffeinated Press - Anthology Call

Caffeinated Press publishes their anthology "Brewed Awakenings" annually and if you'd like to make it into this year's anthology the deadline is May 15.  It's open genre and there's no theme.  Shorts up to 7500 words receive $100, novelettes up to 17,500 words receive $175, and novellas up to 40,000 receive $250.  You can find all the details here.  Writers from all over the US are welcome to submit but preference is given to writers connected to the West Michigan area.


Al Tucher said...

Not sure about this part:

"Our anthology content is considered work-for-hire with a permanent assignment of rights, subject to reversion (by mutual agreement) on a written, case-by-case basis if you wish to re-use the material after the volume goes out of print."

sandra seamans said...

I missed that, Al, thanks for telling us. It's certainly not a good thing but maybe something that can be discussed during contract negotiations.