Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Roundup of Closed Crime Markets

For the past couple of years I've been posting up the annual market openings and closing for those writing in the mystery/crime genres.  These are the straight up crime markets and markets that take crime fiction.  And so here's the list of closed markets for 2014.

The magazines and ezines that have shuttered their doors:

Thrills, Kills, 'n' Chaos
Misfit Quarterly
Midnight Diner
Plots With Guns
Best Fiction
Beat the Dust
The Fog Horn

Presses that published novellas/novels:

Full Dark City Press
Exhibit A Books
Dutton Guilt Edge

And on our iffy list:

Red Penny Papers - There's been nothing new here since April
Plan B - They've been closed for submissions since April and had an unsuccessful fund drive.
Bourbon Penn - Published only one issue this year
Blank Fiction - While this is still a viable market they now charge a $2.00 reading fee
Shine Your Darkness: A Noir Initiative - This is a new market that published one issue, posted the theme for a second but hasn't published that or posted the promised December 1 theme.
Grift - This was on my iffy list last year also.  This year they called for flash but never published any and in July posted a call for a third print issue that hasn't been published yet.
Pulpwood Fiction - Opened this year but has been pretty hit or miss with their postings.


Bruce Harris said...

Thank you. Good list.

Peter DiChellis said...

Duotrope recently listed Comets and Criminals as defunct. Paid $25 for reprints, including mystery.

Hope things work out for Plan B. Very cool market. Guess we'll know soon, because it seems they've got only another month or so of stories in inventory.

sandra seamans said...

You're welcome, Bruce!

Comets and Criminals has never been a good market, Peter. They used to publish new fiction, then shut down for a year only to open for reprints that they never posted.

Yes, Plan B is a good market and I hope they'll keep going. I've been keeping an eye open for them to reopen.

Fiona Glass said...

I believe Grift is still plugging away; the third issue is currently in edits. I don't have word yet on when it's due but will share if/when I hear anything!

sandra seamans said...

That would be great, Fiona! Thanks.