Friday, April 4, 2014

Freeze Frame Fiction - New Flash Market

Freeze Frame Fiction is a new online flash site looking for stories up to 1000 words.  The deadline for the first issue is June 15 and payment is 1cent a word.  There's no mention of preferred genre.  You can find the details here.


Dusty said...

Any recommendations for pro-paying crime markets? I'm really out of my element. There doesn't seem to be many, and even less that are open for subs.

sandra seamans said...

There are basically only three pro paying crime markets out there, Dusty. Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Ellery Queen, and the Strand. I have links to their sites in the print column over to the left. Woman's World is a pro market but they need a specific type of story and they have no online presence. You can pick up a copy at your local super market to get an idea of what they're looking for.

Online the Big Click pays $100 per story but you have to query or be invited to get a slot. Plan B pays $25 and Over My Dead Body $10. Also paying $25 is ThugLit and if I remember correctly All Due Respect.

If you're writing dark noir stories some of the Horror magazines are good for those.

The pro crime markets are pretty scarce as you can see and anthologies are almost always invitation only. You need to be a MWA or Sisters in Crime member to get into those.

Most of the links over there are places that will take crime fiction, they're just no pro paying.