Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year, Everyone!!

I quit making resolutions long ago, yeah, if you can't keep them why bother?  What I do now is set goals for myself.  Not giant goals like let's make a million dollars this year, but small goals.  I'll pick several markets I'd like to crack and then submit to them during the year.  Maybe I'll set of goal of writing a story a week, or a month (which is what usually happens).  I also pull out old stories that never found homes but still tug at me then make the effort to rework them into something marketable during the year.  Small steps that keep me going and the words flowing.

This past year I spent a great deal of time rethinking why I write.  I write because I enjoy telling stories.  I like the process of rewriting and making a story better.  I also stepped up from writing a ton of flash fiction to taking my time and writing longer stories.  I've found that very satisfying, even if the markets are scarce.

I've also taken a look back at my successes and failures.  I realize that I'll probably never write a novel, not because I won't find a story that intrigues me enough to go the distance, but because circumstances make it impossible for me to promote such a project.  It wouldn't be fair to the book or the publisher.

It's okay to dream big but there also comes a point in your writing career where you have to step back and decide what is best for you.  For me, it's the short work and that's okay because I love the form.  I know that it will never make me rich or famous but it gives me pleasure and hopefully those stories will bring enjoyment to the folks who read them. 

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