Monday, September 10, 2012

Noir Nation?

I was checking to see if Noir Nation's new issue had been published yet and found the website had disappeared into the ether.  Their Facebook page is still up though.  Anyone heard anything?  Perhaps just a glitch in the system?

UPDATE:  Their server is down but the zine is still alive and well with a new issue available in about a week.


Brian Lindenmuth said...

They are still around. I brought this post to Eddie Vega's attention so he may stop by or drop you a line.

Paul D Brazill said...

There's a bit of revamping going on. The 1st issue is getting a make over before the 2nd one comes out.

Eddie Vega said...

The problem seems to be with our server. Godaddy is down, too. I can't log into the account to contact customer service.

But to be clear, we are still alive and stronger than ever. We have reissued Noir Nation No. 1 with the tattoo illustrations but the description on Amazon has not yet refreshed. So there would be no way to know this unless you heard about it hear.

We are now finishing up Noir Nation No. 2 and it should be on Amazon in the next 7 to 10 days. We got some great last minute news. Paul Calderon, the actor who played the bartender in Pulp Fiction, and who appears regularly on Law & Order submitted a fine piece of writing. Imagine a New Yorker version of Les Edgerton. Paul's story made it just in time for inclusion in No. 2.

Eddie Vega said...

Here is more about the server issue. It looks like Godaddy got hacked:

sandra seamans said...

Thanks for the info, Eddie. I knew the site was up a few days ago when I dropped by. I like to post when new issues go out and was expecting your second issue to launch soon. Glad to hear you're alive and well!!

Hopefully the server will be back up soon.

sandra seamans said...

And thanks, Brian and Paul!!