Saturday, January 22, 2011

And a Contest

The 2011 Robert Traver Fly-Fishing Writing Award contest has opened for submissions. The deadline for essays and short stories about fly-fishing is May 16th. Max word count is 3500. There is no fee to enter. 1st prize is $2000, 2nd $750, and 3rd $250. You can find all the details at


Harry said...

Thanks for the link Sandra!

sandra seamans said...

My pleasure, and welcome to the Corner, Harry!

David Barber said...

Thanks, Sandra. There's plenty of fly-fishing up here so I won't be short of inspiration.

Have a great weekend!

(P.s. The Flash Fiction Offensive is open for submissions again.)

sandra seamans said...

Yep, I put a FFO post up before this one, David. Kind of overdid it with four posts today. :) Good luck with your story.